What the Yuck: Man, he smells good...
June 10th, 2011
03:33 PM ET

What the Yuck: Man, he smells good...

Too embarrassed to ask your doctor about sex, body quirks, or the latest celeb health fad? In a regular feature and a new book, "What the Yuck?!," Health magazine medical editor Dr. Roshini Raj tackles your most personal and provocative questions. Send 'em to Dr. Raj at whattheyuck@health.com.

Q: Is it true if a guy smells good to you that means you're biologically compatible?

Like most things involving men and women, it's complicated!

There have been several studies that showed that people are attracted to the smell of members of the opposite sex who are somewhat genetically dissimilar in terms of their immune-system genes, and are turned off by the odor of those with very similar immune-system genes.

Being genetically unlike in this way has a biological advantage for the kids because theoretically they'll have both sets of genes and therefore a more diverse immune system.

But this theory has yet to be proven, and there are so many other factors that go into compatibility, I wouldn't put too much stock in this as a way to find your perfect match.

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Hotline to talk to the children to the third grade do not want to go to school "yesterday, including more than 40 parents from Zhejiang, Hubei and other places a phone call, they reflect only one: their children's kindergarten there are different levels of primary school of how to do Yang, Nanyang City, 10-year-old daughter, is now on the third grade. Daughter to kindergarten every day school day to write, and then I just feel good kindergarten, so small children will pinyin,abercrombie france, arithmetic. First grade daughter feel very relaxed, a lot of knowledge she learned. But to second grade, she obviously did not advantage of the new knowledge she learned more and more difficult, "Now to the third grade, she did not want to go to school". Mr. Yang said, Now son in kindergarten shift, the daily returned home to be doing their homework, "Every homework look unhappy running toilet, go to the kitchen, and just do not want to do their homework, it can not allow children so write "Ching Ming Festival, kindergartens give 3-year-old baby complement three days lesson Zhengzhou public Wang said, he traveled the seven kindergarten around the house, and finally to the children to choose a kindergarten, kindergarten is said is a very well-known nationwide chain. Ching Ming Festival holiday, Mr,hollister. Wang is a very depressing, "kindergarten teacher said, 'your children should be at home for three days to make up classes' on the grounds that he only knew Arabic numerals 1 to 5, other children are recognized to 10. Throughout the holidays, Wang and his family spent in the dispute, the child's aunt and grandmother think 3-year-old child is too small, forcing him to learn something big, a teach of the will. Mr. Wang and his wife insisted complement to the children, "The whole third last night and we do not start chasing after how much more can not keep up", so they bought a small blackboard, chalk, can the little guy has been very exclusive, just do not want to learn or considered incomplete until the school number 10. Mr. Wang said,hollister, since the government under the ban to keep the kids learn to write, do question, why kindergarten have to insist on these The kindergarten concerns "do not teach literacy, arithmetic, parents do not agree with the" do not teach literacy, numeracy, and you agree with me "The Provincial Department of Education issued the ban, Zhengzhou, a kindergarten held a Parents' Association, to seek the views of parents. Most parents said "do not agree", "literacy, numeracy and had to teach. Zhengzhou, a private kindergarten director, said it is the parents' request, only so many nursery into a "knowing that they are impossible plight. Unlike public kindergartens private kindergarten, the advantage is not outstanding, if does not meet the needs of parents do not teach literacy and numeracy, it is difficult to ensure the kindergarten students, no students, kindergarten to survive "In the face of the demands of parents, not the less public kindergartens principal also admitted that there had been the same pressure. The Zhengzhou Jinshui new kindergarten director Yin Fengyun said, every year parents find kindergarten requirements kindergarten teach literacy. After the Spring Festival this year, the parents give the child to handle the back garden procedures elementary school that the child would want their children to advance literacy and learning addition and subtraction. Although they repeated persuasion, but parents still adhere to the procedures of handling the back garden. In order to change the concept of parental education, yesterday, the parents of new kindergarten organizations and lectures, said Yin Fengyun, like have open courses per semester, the purpose is to guide parents do a good job early childhood education,louboutin. Parental concerns about other children are learning to keep up with how to do their own children later "Sometimes really want to let the children play the moment,バーバリー, let the children have a happy childhood, but one look at someone else's child will learn to recite poems will speak English, do the hearts of parents to hurry up." The Zhengzhou public Ms. Lee said, Spring Festival family reunion, his 6-year-old son and 4-year-old nephew will be a focus,mulberry outlet. After dinner, the family will make the performances of the two children, 4-year-old nephew will not only reciting poetry, but also sing English songs, Ms. Lee's son to elementary school, what will not only sing children's songs,mulberry outlet, tongue twisters . " Ms. Lee unbalanced mind, have good Bubu. After the Spring Festival this year, Ms. Lee had questioned the young bridging courses, English language newspaper to his son, Pinyin, abacus, night school is behind ". A primary school education parents said, "I understand about the law of education doing wrong, I also understand, but the other children are learning, my children do not learn her into not a good primary how do Into the primary school learning with on how to do "he said, his niece last year in first grade, spelling, addition and subtraction, did not learn in kindergarten niece has been in the class belonging to vulnerable children, teachers teach again will own niece has been followed behind, "from one grade weaker than the others,louboutin, would not childhood hurt the self-confidence of a child". It is understood that at the moment from the primary school enrollment also segment the day, but many fall into the the school doors prospective pupils parents has been sent to the intensive courses, "catching up" some basic knowledge of the elementary school in kindergarten, ahead of time to adapt to the pupils role. Elementary school teacher's advice in early childhood can not enjoy it can not be too much to learn "early childhood is not too much to play, it is not too much to learn." Zhengdong New District Juyuan Road Primary School teacher Wang Xiaohong said. In the kindergarten class, some children have been playing a little knowledge,louboutin pas cher, there is no contact, it is very vulnerable to a primary school after, obviously not keep up with the progress of the teacher's teaching, this child will become confident. She was not in favor of kindergarten elementary school and the child too much homework. However, she thinks 0 to 6 years of age is a child's intellectual development period, and also the good life, the formation period of study habits, can occasionally involve little elementary school knowledge, writing jobs, but can not be too complicated and too many children enter primary school more quickly adapt to primary school life. The children also talk about what but rely on the interest in learning in the primary school, a lot of high-grade teacher prefer a blank sheet of paper "just a school gone freshness. Dean's Office Director Wang Qiaoyun Zhengzhou Erqi Springfield Primary School, some children do not have to teach had a just a school gone freshness, and also talk about later rely on interest in learning But if the step-by-step to some students can not keep up the trip. The kindergarten "Primary" Another challenge is brought to an elementary school teacher: kindergarten teachers and primary school teachers on the educational philosophy, teaching methods are various, some children develop difficult to correct bad habits, she said. "For example,ラルフローレン, pencil grasp, many children learned to write in kindergarten posture is not correct, the writing is not standardized, many written word is not in accordance with the structure of the characters, from left to right, top to bottom, ah, but blocks. , "Wang Qiaoyun said, primary school arithmetic formulas or by the form of the game to teach children, and most nursery school abacus, breaking a finger of mathematics to primary should rectify. Related articles: University Nanshengsushe the fourth floor of unexp Audi owners beaten unconscious for nearly five hours the tra Principals protest banks only recruit 211 university student

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Father, brother and sister thrown into the community away from the March 11 Yue Jianhua runaways, the two children have not eaten a meal warming meal, "I do not cook, penniless, and do not know how to feed them. "said Ma Taiping. March 12, he had no money to buy food to eat to the children, took the two children to the heijia Mountain Area Administrative Committee, two East Bay Community for help, "a community leader gave me 300 bucks, so I told the kids to go dinner. "Ma Taiping recalls,louboutin, he gave the children to buy some bread home all night you want to look for a runaway wife. "If you can not find her, I do not live." March 13, Ma Taiping to make this decision,ラルフローレン, again with a brother and sister came to the two East Bay community, he will throw the kids in the community,louboutin, what would not leave it alone,hollister, leave. Community staff found that the stars and the soldier they bought to eat, drink, staff contact Ma Taiping but could not be contacted, the desperation put the brother and sister were sent to Urumqi children rescue shelter. Later, Ma Taiping explain his abandonment, said: "The characters do not know a site, only summer work and earn a little money, not people, do not want their children to follow me suffer." He said, the 13th child throw in the community bus to Hami, "my second wife is Hami, I want to go to Hami may be able to her to get it back, I find in Hami in the 14th day and do not know, they went to the local police station seeking police help the police station heard that I threw the child, said abandonment is against the law, if you do not go back to raising children to be sentenced. "Ma Taiping, subsequently, his non-stop back to Urumqi. He said: "I to the morning of the 15th, I ran the community to find the children,abercrombie france, they are not in, community workers,バーバリー 財布, let me go to the police station, I have been waiting in the police station, the step did not dare to leave until 18:00 only to see them, when the stars in my arms kept crying, told me, 'I'll be good, do not want me'. "star then let Ma Taiping miserable endless. "At the time I thought, took the child can not just throw the others, want to find a good home for the children." Said Ma Taiping, 18,ポロラルフローレン, he told the children to find a good home for them. Helpless discarded children to look for his wife two children to school, a primary school in Urumqi soldier on Grade 4 Grade 1 stars. Reporters to see the transcript of the soldier on the child's academic performance is good, the scoreline read, "Language 97, math 98. Star told reporters: "Dad's temper, especially big brother play outside every time back, my father would hit him, hit me sometimes especially afraid of my father, brother." When the reporter asked the soldier was the father on the situation of the community day the soldier head down play finger off, said: "I was very scared, because the sister has been crying, I can only sit quietly next to her, I always think they can not go home ... I hate him ... I know that he does not want us, but I do not want to leave. "hear brother stars raised his head and stared at his brother after a long time and cried:" We can take care of myself, I do not want to leave him. "Tianshan District black armor Mountain Area Administrative Committee, two East Bay Community secretary holes Min said: "on the 12th,mulberry, he took the children to find community, community giving money to allow him to take the kids to dinner, I did not expect more than 10 points the next day, he will children placed in community ran away. "said Yang Zhongpeng, Xinjiang Galaxia law firm:" Under our legislation,hollister, placing out of children required consent of both parents, but his parent missing, the other party, their livelihood is difficult to solve, so can the placing out children one child over the age of 10 years of age, this case, adoption party required the consent of the child to consent to it, another adoptive relationship is established, you have to go to the registration of the civil affairs departments above the county level to do,バーバリー. 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I usually total horse parents to educate their children to do more good,mulberry, more Jide, which is the spirit of Lei Feng to do good is a natural coincide. So total horse will always be able to do something good to try to do more. In 1976, he also Lei Feng to the troops as the army, but also with the same points in the car class of Lei Feng, Lei Feng is the same as open Soviet "GAZ-51" model car, but Lei Feng's license plate number is 13, and he opened The license plate number is 23. All this coincidence, let him feel more affinity with the Lei Feng. The annual March 5, he understood the significance of learning from Lei Feng deeper. In 1980, he transferred to the State Oceanic Administration in Hangzhou marine research two,louboutin, with his bones potential business talent, he decided contracted by the sea in the military service (National Oceanic and two consolidated operating unit). He dusk every day, trying to engage in business,mulberry outlet, and finally make a pot of gold. 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Business is actually bigger and bigger, and my heart actually some emptiness, some do not understand even his wife: you do all day long toss, the final figure is Gesha Just around the horse is always "too poor to only money", mercenary, heartless and some other social phenomena are confused when one day in 2006 in Hangzhou, "City Express" reported a news that he was back with him, and Lei Feng really become attached – Zhejiang Jiaxing an 79-year-olds Mr. Li Kexiao since March 5,louboutin pas cher, 1963 since most of their lives collected more than 4,000 pieces of memorabilia from Lei Feng, the old man carrying large bags crowded bus to go around as talks very inconvenient, many children are now elderly distressed Lei Feng, who do not even know that he wants to have a fixed place through the exhibition to promote Lei Feng Lei Feng Memorial educate people later, the spirit of Lei Feng passed along. Well! It's not just what you pursue it Ma always reading reports, immediately grabbed the phone, and the "City Express" link themselves to help solve the complex problem of the elderly, it is not, and he is willing to sponsor a vehicle convenient for the elderly elderly four lectures. Soon there will be a hearing, the elderly agree horses always find a fixed place of exhibition of his collection of memorabilia from Lei Feng! (Three) wish is wonderful, but implementing it is not so easy. This is like Lei Feng as "a person to do a good deed is easy, the hard part is to do good things" to do memorial one o'clock easy,ray ban, the difficulty is has gone out of existence. A start, the horse always on the way in their own world agricultural market to find a place to run from the "Lei Feng Memorial Hall", but later he found wrong: agricultural market environment is cluttered, the Lei Feng Memorial Hall in there a little bit on the Lei Feng is not Christine, is not the ideal place. Need for a better place. So he was removed to find, finally found west of the Shanshuirenjia district, the "Lei Feng Memorial Hall" and the Shanshuirenjia Hall Hotel placed in a cell. Doorways are related photo, corridor is commemorative plaque, the aisles filled with souvenirs. To look at the way people eat Lei souvenirs, but also a unique hotel culture. Since the Office of the "Lei Feng Memorial Hall," Ma always all eyes are transferred to Lei Feng, Lei Feng, to see where there are souvenirs, even spend more money, we also have to do everything possible to buy the horse, put memorial for all to watch. Once he was told that there is a certain market entrance statue of Lei Feng, where wind and rain, sounded discredit him apart from anything else, immediately drove to the scene, with the owner to discuss this statue go to the "Lei Feng Memorial Hall." Many memorabilia collectors learn from Lei Feng in Hangzhou have such a memorial, have also come to voluntarily donate their collections to allow more people to be able to see their collections. In particular, former vice president of Zhejiang University of West Point, the United States called on universities to learn from Lei Feng Memorial brochures sent as souvenirs, very precious. Souvenir more and more, the hotel also fit here. Ma always a bite, simply put some boxes vacated, preferring less money, sacrifice of economic benefits, but also to give an exhibition of memorabilia from Lei Feng good location. Since the Lei Feng Memorial Hall pulled up, old Lei Feng served leadership, the leaders, some of the learning from Lei Feng model, some units of the people travel long distances to shop inspection, guidance, visit,louboutin, study, some of whom Ma always always generous their own money to solve their meals, lodging costs. Memorial utilities is not a small expense. Memorial specially equipped reception staff to explain the wage total horse entirely by themselves. Chang Zufei light year is more than 100 million people. Human, material and financial resources, have invested great effort. Since its inception, the total invested nearly 400 million yuan. "Since to do this memorial, I am almost 70% of the energy is spent on top of it and it always touches my heart." Ma always said. Reporter emotion total horse also learn from Lei Feng, he modestly said: "I am far worse than the Lei Feng Lei Feng biggest feature is the selfless dedication that time the wages of Lei Feng, only 6 dollars a year,hogan outlet, a year and only 72 yuan, but Lei Feng was able to commune donated 200 yuan, which is what percentage of a donation ah. Lei and I compared the gap is still very large. "Lei Feng Memorial Hall in order to have a more appropriate Locations, total horse again for the election on the site to find and busy. He said that if stadiums better then all the better. I'm in the "Lei Feng Memorial Hall" in everything bustle, while my heart even more tightly with the Lei Feng. (Four) dedication is something to give, but the horse always better to see the harvest. Willing to be willing, although some homes, but more income. From the Office of the "Lei Feng Memorial Hall" began, "I deeply appreciate all the dedication will be fruitful, in fact, from the dedication to better understand the joy of life and I feel does good fun." Indeed, from his office "Lei Feng Memorial "This matter gains a lot. The first is all praise for his encouragement and support so that he felt worthy of pay. Since December 1, 2007 Memorial settled Since its opening, the former deputy political commissar of the Navy Admiral pleased to serve cold wide memorial Honorary Advisor comrade Lei Feng served Joanne Hill, Zhang Jun, director of the Shenyang Military Region Yanxian Hong Lei Feng Memorial Hall, "Contemporary Lei Feng" Beijing First military hero Sun Maofang repeatedly to visit the museum guide, Weng Weijun Hangzhou Municipal Committee Propaganda Department and other city, district, street leading to the museum guide has 23 times. Provincial CPC Committee Propaganda Minister Mao Memorial Pro survived twice as free electricity, venue location and other issues special instructions. Including Chi Haotian, including more than 100 generals museum inscription also collected. Many schools, corporate party raised a red flag to the museum, to hold a swearing-in ceremony to join the party, visit, open forum. For the administration of this memorial total horse was also named Hangzhou "civilian heroes." Community support for the horse always the biggest relief. In particular, the "Lei Feng Memorial Hall" on the correction of contemporary human values, outlook on life, promote the spirit of Lei Feng, Lei Feng spirit tradition play a significant role. People on the memorial tribute and memorial to learn from Lei Feng spirit of the horse always feel meaningful. Some foreigners come here to visit, thumbs up; Some enterprises by visiting Lei Feng Memorial Hall, when it comes to establish a sense of social responsibility; several universities to discuss here the Lei Feng spirit of contemporary college students and other topics; even the usually responsible for managing the work of Xiao Wu Memorial all day in the chest hangs Lei Feng medals, while traveling by train always take the initiative to give convenient bunk elderly and women passengers; total horse for his wife and children had to run around doing business do not understand, now he was very supportive, that his thinking has been greatly sublimation. Ma always said: "By studying people visit the memorial to inspire people to do good deeds touched enthusiasm, improve the social environment, I am determined to do Lei Feng Memorial Hall in mind." Reporters always communicate with the horse, and now many of society's values ​​are is money first,gucci, socially indifferent to others, it can be changed through a small memorial these bad values, changing social trends do Ma always said, he has been constantly hear this question, but he felt, coming softly, imperceptibly, from the trivial, sand into the tower, can always play some role. He said, I talked to my father such a thing, feeling bad social climate: there is a Teacher Chang saw an old lady was hit fracture, Qufu her to the hospital on film. Later, her family heard about Zhang asked whether in hospital care for the elderly, Zhang would like a good thing to do in the end I agreed it down. After a long time Zhang really own something, ask grandma to take over the family. Surprisingly, the family grandmother would not let him go on the grounds that, now how can such a good-hearted people If the collision is not your grandmother, you would like to send her to the hospital Zhang almost did not spit blood. Ma always said that we now not only have to learn from Lei Feng, but also want to learn from Lei Feng's personnel to vigorously carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng to stay, stay in Hangzhou, stay in the world. "Many reporters have asked me to do the memorial and my answer incomplete, but one thing is for sure that if we visit the Lei Feng Memorial Hall to inspire us to do good deeds instinct, made us all feel good to learn from Lei Feng , so that everyone can learn from Lei Feng to do something good, jointly initiated a good value, which is probably a little sense to do it this memorial! "Ma always the last to say so. Interview, Ma always kept around us familiar general introduction to each piece souvenirs. See, Ma always been devoting themselves to the memorial of his beloved in this, perhaps, this horse always puzzled love with Lei Feng may sustain his life. 相关的主题文章: surrounded by a lot of people care as of yesterday morning the side of a threat

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      据大化瑶族自治县人民医院的接诊医生介绍,伤口一般应该在受伤6小时以内进行处理,否则就很容易感染,并会留下疤痕。小巍脸上的刻字属于异物性纹身,从刻成到送诊,已经超过24小时,错过了最佳的处理时间,而且由于她脸上的刻字还被涂过锅底灰,所以消除起来比较困难,其中较浅的刻字可以采用激光或者物理打磨的方式予以祛除,比较深的则可以进行切除或者植皮手术,但是可能还会留下一些痕迹,以县里目前的技术和设备,是没法做到的。   当记者和办案的三位民警走进问询室后,韦生雄突然不说话了,表情也很生硬。   毁妻容只为防止其外遇   希望公安机关严惩凶手   目前,犯罪嫌疑人韦生雄已被刑事拘留。   如何量刑要看法医的鉴定   "第二个儿子跟他长得很像,他没法再找茬,不然还不知道又会折腾出什么事情。"对于丈夫的多疑,小巍非常无奈。   记者:他平时脾气不好,可是你想过他会毁你的容吗?   4月6日,在采访中,记者听到最多的一句话就是"韦生雄疑心太重了"。今年36岁的韦生雄到底是怎样的一个人?又是什么原因让他对与自己一起生活了9年并生育了两个儿子的妻子狠下毒手呢?   剖析犯罪嫌疑人   在问话中,韦生雄一直在强调"这是她选择的结果",他说的"选择"到底是什么呢?   "我要离婚,要求严惩韦生雄"   当日11时许,韦生雄在自家客厅抓住小巍的头部往墙上撞去,小巍的头被撞后跌倒在地。之后,韦生雄就用一条胶质绑带将小巍双手捆绑。因怕小巍喊叫,韦生雄又用一条毛巾堵住对方的嘴巴,然后将她拖进厨房,用一把锥子残忍地在对方的左右脸部刻下"下贱"两字。刻完字后,为了让字体更清晰,韦生雄还用黑色的锅底灰涂抹在字体上面。   "我拒绝回答你们的任何问题"   管教: 你是为什么被关进来的? 受害人的双脸都被丈夫用锥子刻上"下贱"的字样   小巍:当时我和他吵架,他把我绑起来,我以为是绑我起来送去结扎,没想到他会在我脸上刺字。   小巍的伤势牵动着亲人和镇南派出所民警的心。那么,グッチ,她脸上的字能否消除呢?   暴躁:轻则威胁恐吓重则拳打脚踢   3月29日,为了谁去结扎的问题,韦生雄和小巍发生了争执,小巍认为生育是两个人的事情,谁的身体状况适合结扎就谁去。而韦生雄则说必须要让小巍结扎,这样她就不能帮人家生孩子了。在拉扯打闹中,小巍被甩到水泥柱上,手上有几处受伤出血。   记者:你的脸被刺字之后,为什么没有及时报警?   在户口登记表上,记者看到了韦生雄的一寸照片,眉清目秀,实在是无法把他和那个残忍地在妻子脸上刺字的男人联系起来。在大化看守所,记者看到真实的韦生雄,脸上已经有了一些憔悴和不屑。   各方声音   基本案情   小巍17岁的时候就跟了韦生雄,然后生了两个孩子。面对年轻貌美和文化程度都胜于自己的妻子,韦生雄始终有些不放心。婚后,夫妻俩都在广东打工。2001年,小巍怀孕了。然而喜得贵子的韦生雄并没有为人父的雀跃,反而心里疙疙瘩瘩的,左看右看总觉得孩子不像他。   了解情况后,妇联的工作人员希望公安机关保护妇女的合法权益,严惩凶手。   小巍:我17岁就跟他了, 到2006年我才勉强跟他办理结婚手续。虽然9年了,但他在广州,我在深圳,都在外面打工,实际在一起的时间加起来都不到3个月。本来 2007年我想离婚的,可是为了两个孩子,我妈不同意,这事也就算了。   "3月30日中午,韦生雄和小巍吵架时,韦生雄给了她四个选择,TUMI 26141。"办案民警告诉记者,所谓的"选择"就是:第一,结扎,死心塌地在家养育小孩,不能外出打工;第二,小巍的情人给韦生雄100万元,シャネル 財布;第三,小巍和她的情人跟韦生雄一起到法院去解决问题;第四,韦生雄毁掉小巍的容貌并打断她的腿脚。而韦生雄一直向民警强调是小巍"要求"毁容的。   小巍:最想做的事就是离婚、整容。我的容貌被毁了,出门都要戴着口罩,我觉得我的生活一下子变得灰暗起来,我要求公安机关从重处理韦生雄。4、对话犯罪嫌疑人   已错过了最佳的处理时间   在大化瑶族自治县,一男子因为怀疑妻子有外遇,竟残忍地在妻子的脸上刻上"下贱"二字。 4月3日,河池市大化瑶族自治县公安局镇南派出所破获了这起毁容案,抓获了犯罪嫌疑人,缴获作案用的锥子、绑带、毛巾等物。   疑心越来越重的韦生雄最后想到了一个办法,就是带儿子去做DNA鉴定,结果证明孩子确实是他的,这事才算了结。   "这是他第一次打你吗?"记者问小巍。   小巍:当时我已经麻木了,脸上和头发上面都是血,我问韦生雄"可以走了吗",他说"只能到大厅,如果敢出去,就打断你的手脚",グッチ カタログ,所以当天我不敢出门。   律师:   听到最多的是"他的疑心太重了"   大化妇联:   (记者 李平 通讯员 韦林 文/图)   管教带韦生雄到问询室,跟他交谈。   "不是第一次。他的脾气很暴躁。"小巍说,2007年,她的初恋对象当兵回来,在大化县城偶遇,韦生雄知道后,大为光火。自从怀疑她有外遇后,曾在2008年的时候拿着一把长水果刀到她家里,威胁恐吓她母亲,指责她不会教养女儿,使得女儿不守妇道。   记者:当初你已经知道韦生雄的脾气不好,为何还要跟他结婚呢?   4月6日下午,小巍在办案民警韦萍萍的陪同下,来到了大化瑶族自治县妇联。在听了韦萍萍的讲述和看到小巍脸上的字之后,妇联的工作人员都愤愤不平,直呼:"在妇联工作那么多年,这样的事真是闻所未闻!太残忍了!"   对妻子进行毁容后,为防其报警,韦生雄还将小巍关在家里,既不带其上医院治疗,又不让妻子出门。3月31日,韦生雄的叔叔知道情况经过后,因看不过眼,才将小巍带到县人民医院检查,此事才暴露。4月3日,经过激烈的思想斗争后,小巍才在家人的陪同下,到公安机关报案。   对话受害人   "毁容了,再也没有男人看上你,看你还怎么外遇!"4月6日上午,回忆起丈夫韦生雄说过的话,已经摆脱了苦海的小巍眼中仍透着一丝惊惧。韦生雄被抓捕归案了,而刻在小巍脸上"下贱"二字就像一个沉重的包袱,重重地压在她的心头。   "他为什么怀疑孩子是别人的?就因为有一次要赶工,我晚上没有回家睡,然后下个月就怀孕,他怀疑我那晚是跟别人睡。"小巍对丈夫的怀疑感到气愤,却也不知道拿他怎么办。   韦生雄:我是要跟她上法院,她不愿意,她选择让我刻字毁容,结果她又告我,我要找律师。(在跟管教说话的时候,韦生雄的声音很大,振振有词。)   偏执:令人惊讶的"四个选择"   韦生雄:我跟老婆打架。   现年36岁的韦生雄2006年与受害人小巍结婚,先后生有两个儿子。2008年以来,韦生雄一直怀疑妻子有外遇,双方经常因此事吵架,但均未能解决问题。今年3月30日上午,韦生雄在自己家中再次为此事与小巍吵架,プラダ ポーチ。在争吵中,韦生雄心生怨恨,决定对小巍实施毁容,一可以发泄自已心中的愤恨,二可以使对方面目变丑陋、不再被别的男人看上,以达到防止妻子不再有外遇的目的。   县医院医生:   管教:为什么要打架,有什么事情好好商量或者通过法律解决啊?   记者:你现在最想做的事情是什么?有什么想法?   据大化警方介绍,虽然在网络上可以看到相关在身体和脸上刺字的伤害案件,但在大化、河池市甚至是广西,这类案件都是极其罕见的。如此惨忍的行为让人瞠目结舌。   广西某律师事务所的梁律师认为,根据此案发生的事实经过,基本可以判断犯罪嫌疑人涉嫌犯有伤害的行为,如何量刑要看法医的伤情鉴定,如经法医鉴定,其故意伤害行为造成他人轻微受伤的,可不负刑事责任,但要承担民事和治安处罚等法律责任;轻伤属于可公诉也可以自诉的案子,法院可处其三年以下有期徒刑、拘役或者管制;重伤则属于公诉案件,法院可判处其三年以上刑期。另外,尽管根据情节的恶劣程度,法院可以酌情重判,TUMI スーツケース,但都是有限度的。(文中受害者名字为化名)   多疑:第一个孩子被带去做DNA鉴定   不管办案民警怎么问,韦生雄就是不说话。民警们又根据之前的问讯笔录,向他求证。大约几分钟后,韦生雄才说:"我怀疑你们跟小巍有亲戚关系,我拒绝回答你们的任何问题。"在问话过程中,韦生雄重复了四五次这句话。 相关的主题文章: プラダスポーツ 2名男友打完麻将欲驾车回家遭陌生人砍 トゥミ バッグ 公交司机与乘客发生争执开车顶撞被投诉 プラダ 靴 17岁少年为防别人占有女友将其勒死 プラダ ショルダーバッグ 男子酒后持刀闹事致1死3伤 之前有犯罪 グッチ バッグ 男子抢劫小卖铺后边逃边撒钱

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    However, his outspokenness won some supporters, who said the officials' opinions should also receive the same respect as other users.

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