September 13th, 2010
12:02 AM ET

Study: Men with low initial PSA levels less likely to develop prostate cancer

Men with low PSA levels from a baseline blood test were less likely to develop prostate cancer compared to men whose baseline PSA levels were high, according to a new study.

The simple test may be a strong predictor of who will benefit from future screening and treatment for prostate cancer, according to the study published Monday in the journal Cancer.

More than 85,000 men, ages 55 to 74, with no previous prostate cancer history were the subjects of the study. The authors found that in order to save one life, they needed to investigate almost  25,000 men with low PSA levels but only 133 men with high ones. Similarly, they needed to treat 724 men who had low PSA levels to save one life but only 60 men whose levels were higher.

PSA, or prostate-specific antigen, is a protein found in prostate cancer tissue. When that tissue breaks down, the protein seeps into the bloodstream. The heavier the presence of PSA in the blood, the more likely prostate cancer will be dangerous and require some type of treatment, said Dr. Otis Brawley, Chief Medical Officer at American Cancer Society and a contributor to CNNHealth.com.

But aren't all cancers bad, even if a man's PSA level is low?

"There are a large number of prostate cancers that don't need to be treated because they're not a health threat to the man who has them," explained Brawley.  That makes guidelines for screenings more difficult to set.

The American Cancer Society encourages men to work with their doctors to learn about the test's benefits and risks before making an informed personal decision around age 50.   Research has not yet proven that the potential benefits of testing outweigh the harms of testing and treatment, explains the organization.

The American Urology Association recommends baseline screening for men at age 40 with future screenings determined in conjunction with the patient's doctor.

"This can't be done in a vacuum," said Dr. J. Brantley Thrasher, spokesman for the American Urology Association and the William L. Balk Chair of the Department of Urology at the University of Kansas. "We need to let [patients] know this is an imperfect marker, but we're getting data that may help us in the future."

It's difficult to accept the idea that you could have prostate cancer that doesn't need to be treated and could be left alone with no harm, while other men have aggressive and deadly prostate cancers.  Brawley, who chooses not to be screened, thinks this is why most men get PSA tests regularly, despite the many risks associated treatment.

"By choosing to get screened, there is a guaranteed increase in diagnosis... but there is only a potential decrease in death," said Brawley.

Some of the risks of treatment include impotence, incontinence and bowel injury.

Still, Thrasher says the importance of the PSA blood test should not be diminished. He tells his patients to get regular screenings every other year or every three years after their initial test.

"I believe knowledge is power to some extent," said Thrasher. "It's risks versus benefits... and each decision point is a fork in the road where [me and patients] have to have a discussion."

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  1. sally

    My husband had an initial psa of 1.4. A year later it was 3.1. When we insisted on a biopsy(because of extensive family history),all 13 biopsies were positve for cancer. It isn't just the psa number but the amount of increase.We were told,and statistics bear out that action isn't taken until psa is 4 or over. I'm glad we were insistent as after a radical prostatectomy he's 5 years cancer free.

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  2. austinypc

    About ten years ago, my psa reading rose from 3 to 4 and then to 5 one year later. I had biopsy twice but both shown negative. After that my urologist stopped giving me biopsy even my psi reading has risen to 11 because he believed the psa reading means nothing to me. I hope that better diagnotic method could be developed so that there is no need to 'waste' money to do the biopsy

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  3. Rich

    Due to BPH I had a prostatectomy in 2005. The removed tissue was 140 grams, against a normal weight of 20-30. In the previous 10 years my PSA was in the 20-22 range. After the surgery my PSA measured in the reange of 1-1.5. The surgeon reported not one grain of cancer in any of the tissue. His view, and I have to accept, is that the test for PSA as a marker for cancer is quite nearly worthless. Also, needle biopsies are of questionable value unless multiple tissue samples are taken at the same time, because the needle may not find the cancer residng in another area of the gland.

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  4. David Brown

    Prostate Cancer is a very painful way to die. Even with lots of meds the pain can be extremely bad.
    Get yearly check ups.

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  5. Robert Leung

    Important to note that screening guidelines should include digital rectal exam and PSA testing, not PSA alone.


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  6. Bruce D

    Your article talks about "low" PSA but doesn't define what low means. Mine was 5.4 and a biopsy with 10 samples showed cancer in 8 of them. I had a radical prostatectomy 5 years ago and have had 6 PSA tests since – all rated as "undetectable" so I guess it was caught in time. However, I've been impotent ever since with minor incontinence for the past 5 years and I still wonder whether the prostatectomy was the right thing to do. Doctors (experts) leave the decision on treatments to the patient and we really don't know which way to go with all these conflicting reports.

    September 13, 2010 at 13:14 | Report abuse | Reply
    • Russ


      I understand the frustration you are feeling. I'm 61 and had a radical prostetectomy last year. My PSA when from baseline 1.7 to 5.3. My biopsy had 7 positive cores and I was scored a 7 on the Gleeson scale. By the time I was operated on (about six months after initial diagonosis) my PSA was up to 8.3.

      While my surgeons were experienced in the nerve sparing surgical technique, I went under the knife having been told that if the nerves were involved they would be taken because their first concern was to get all the cancer. At my age, the risk of permanent impotence was 50/50. Due to the skill of my surgeons, I made a full recovery (including sexual function). Postoperatively, the margins of the removed gland were all negative and I have an unmeasureable PSA level.

      However, you need to remember that having the radiation first effectively precludes having successful surgery later (e.g. the radiation doesn't kill it all) because the damage from the radiation makes discerning the tissue types very difficult.
      If, God forbid, my prostrate cancer returns, by choosing the surgery first, I still have the other treatment options to deal with it.

      And so do you because of the choice you made.

      September 13, 2010 at 16:00 | Report abuse |
  7. Nino Tomizza

    I had surgery 3 years ago, after the operation my psa was 00.3-00.5 then went up to 00.8-0.1.2 , I was told to have 7 week of radiation. After 3 months the psa reading was 0.1.1 still the same. In 6 months I will have another psa test...What that means, I'm I supposed to worry? They are still learning about Prostate Cancer....there is no clear solution.

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  8. VaSafOf

    I am a Stage IV cancer recovery person, five plus years. Since being discovered and treated for Cancer my PSA has always been above10.00 and has been as high as 14.00, I have had numerous biopsies all negative plus extensive trips to a Urologist. My opinion is PSA levels are bunk. Not worth the time and effort.

    September 13, 2010 at 13:43 | Report abuse | Reply
  9. david

    Be sure you really need a biopsy... check and double-check. After a year of up and down PSA's numbers, my doctor sent me for a biopsy.... two days later I'm in intensive care near death as a result of Ecoli from the test... I was 50 yrs old and my whole world changed as a result of a test that may not have really been necessary. While I was in the ER, there were two other cases just like me – thats what my doctor stated. Anyway, PSA range was based on a sampling or study group but many people can fall outisde of a numerical range that applies to some. As it turns out I didnt have cancer or any indication of such so, like I said make sure you check and double check, get a second opinion because what we think will help us can also kill us as in my case.

    September 13, 2010 at 15:47 | Report abuse | Reply
  10. Bill

    The PSA test saved my life...I had rising levels and when it hit 4.1 I had a biopsy done and found out at age 46 I had prostate cancer.Nothing was detected in the digital exam. The bad part is mine was agressive and if my doctor went by the govt. guidelines it would not have been found until it spread. I chose IMRT instead of surgery because of side effects and the success rates are now the same. Prostate cancer is not the same for each man.Get second or third opinions.

    September 13, 2010 at 16:01 | Report abuse | Reply
  11. Benn

    I just had a biopsy this past June after my absolute PSA reading went from 1.6 in January (this year) to 6.4 in June. While it was cause for concern to my urologist, I decided to research the issue for myself. The results of that research left me somewhat miffed.

    Apparently, there are two (2) schools of thought on PSA readings as a predictor of cancer. One, the traditional school, looks at the absolute number and does not prescribe any treatment until a certain threshold is attained. That "threshold" is somewhat ambiguous but 2.5-4.0 was mentioned by my GP (early on when he fumbled around clearly conflicted about answering a direct question) as a range to pay attention to. He did NOT, however, depend solely on that. Different studies that I looked at suggested that some practitioners in the past didn't 'blink an eye' until 10.0 had been breached.

    The second school of thought deals with the "rate of change" of the PSA reading and clearly my case was cause for concern. This method is known as "PSA Velocity" and recent studies "suggest" that it is a better predictor but no one makes any definitive statement in that regard but instead prefers to address how doctors might treat such cases. Believe it or not, "wait and see" IS a treatment and recent studies in PSA Velocity recommend AGAINST that approach now.

    My doctor established a "baseline" PSA reading several years ago when, having reached 50, I re-established contact with a GP for annual physicals and such. He was very attentive to the movement of that number and generally, it tended to stabilize downward (1.6 was the best reading that I ever attained in this window of study...obviously, 6.4 was the worst.)

    I had 10 sites harvested and all were negative. In the time since, I have found out that a number of things can affect your PSA so the test is not a absolute indicator or a particularly good predictor but it is all medical science has at this time and there is a compelling case based on correlation (bearing in mind that "Correlation does not imply causation").

    The key is to have regular check-ups......

    September 13, 2010 at 16:20 | Report abuse | Reply
    • duffey

      A negative biopsy does not mean you don't have the illness. The Urologist could have missed the cancerous tissues by less then a mm. Stay on top of this, A PSA from 1.6-6.4 is not a good thing. Please have your PSA repeated annually.

      September 13, 2010 at 20:03 | Report abuse |
    • Benn


      Thanks! Yes the rate of change in such a brief time is alarming and we are doing 6 month follow-ups. Frankly, during my research on the issue, I did not run across anyone with a PSA ratio (i.e.- PSAV) comparable to mine which was more than a little frightening....

      There may have been infection at that time but who wants to stand 'pat' on that given the risks. I'm back for more blood work and another reading in October and we'll see what is up then....

      Thanks again.

      September 13, 2010 at 22:55 | Report abuse |
  12. Dr Perry Fisher

    PSA ratio.....psa level/unit s of time

    September 13, 2010 at 16:31 | Report abuse | Reply
  13. duffey

    I had I -131 seed implants after having PSA velocity from 2-3-3.8. The core biopsy of 12 found 2 hot spots. Although ithe treatment was no fun, I'm certainly glad I have that worry off my back. Many treatments , many options. I chose one that I felt would be appropriate to my disease. Regardless of the treatment one chooses, it's important to know the track record of the surgeon who is performing the treatment.

    If they can't give you references, stay away from them.

    September 13, 2010 at 16:31 | Report abuse | Reply
  14. Monika

    I understand there are a lot of things that are not yet known about prostate cancer, but please be diligent about having your check ups anyway. My dad was diagnosed with stage IV prostate cancer in January of 2008. He died a year and a week later in February 2009. He had had urinary problems, went to see a urologist who checked his PSA and was told it was 56. I didn't know what that meant at the time, but I was sure the doctor knew what he was talking about when he said it was just an infection and started him on a course of antibiotics. His PSA went down to 38. After some research, I found a great doctor and got a second opinion. Sadly enough, the cancer had spread to his bones throughout his body and even chemo didn't help. He was an extremely healthy and fit 57 year old man, who died an extremely painful death. I remember on occasion he would say, "why me?", I would like to think it's so that his experience will save someone else. I make my brother go get his checked now. Just please don't take it for granted, it was a horrible year watching him get progressively sicker and knowing the pain medicine wasn't easing his pain. He even had a pain pump inserted in his spine in addition to oral medication. So, please remember to take care of yourselves and get second, third, fourth opinions if you have to! God Bless!

    September 13, 2010 at 17:16 | Report abuse | Reply
    • duffey


      I am so sorry about your Dad. Unfortunatly too many men do not get annual check ups, or neglect to be certain a PSA test is ordered. Your experience and your story takes the debate about NOT getting a PSA.

      Yes your Dad did have a higher purpose for suffering through this illness, and you are fulfilling that purpose on this blog.

      September 13, 2010 at 19:58 | Report abuse |
  15. Benn

    In follow-up to my original comment: maybe it was 12 sites that were harvested but in any case they were all negative....

    As Monika so graciously and generously shares in her personal experience: check-ups are key.

    September 13, 2010 at 18:19 | Report abuse | Reply
  16. Rebecka and renee

    My dad had a lot of urinary pain, was given a psa and got the number 1800. It was 20 months of bad news at doctors offices, taking a needle which cost $1000 per month (or he could have been castrated to stop testosterone production and try to extend his life) there was no chemotherapy that he could take at the time ( the only one available needed a strong heart or it would have killed him) he had some radiation. This was 10 years ago when it seems like there wasn't much options for stage iv diagnosis. He was 59 the first time he got a psa test and almost61 when he died. Just wanted to share my story, don't want to scare anyone. I also read in my studying of the disease that if you have daughters you are at greater risk. It's a slow growing cancer, but my dads wasn't. Doctors were surprised bc he was relatively young. His psa two wkd be foe he died was 4500. Thanks for letting me share my story....

    September 13, 2010 at 23:06 | Report abuse | Reply
    • duffey

      Rebecka and Renee.,
      Your Dad had great daughters who cared about him. This story is testimony of that, and I bet he knew it. A man couldn't be more blessed, and I'm sure he knew that as well.

      September 14, 2010 at 00:13 | Report abuse |
  17. Charles Hartsell

    I have always thought that the treatment for prostate cancer..radium seed implants...chemo...etc. was worse than the disease. I have seen many men lose their quality of life and be sickened with unwarranted treatment. I choose to not have another PSA. last one as 51 was 0.9...We will see was the future holds. at a level of less than 1.0 reading

    September 14, 2010 at 09:48 | Report abuse | Reply
  18. B

    It would be helpful when citing a peer reviewed journal article that you also provide the complete reference to it so that the general public could look up the original article.

    September 14, 2010 at 11:17 | Report abuse | Reply
  19. PPS

    Even before my brother died of prostrate cancer last year at the age of 59, I have been deligent getting my psa checked an average of two to three times annually. I also did the digital rectal exam. My psa reading never exceeded 3.51, however I have been very insisted on geting a biopsy done because of my family history and the small voice inside of me. My doctor did not see the need for it , after two years of bugging him, he finally relented. When I went for the result, I was alarmed to find that I have prostrate cancer. Obviously this affected my confidence in the medical system. I have opted for surgery, even though my doctors feels that we do not have to be aggressive, I find it hard to listen to him any more because he lost me when his first assurance failed. The pain that I saw my brother go through has a tremendous impact on me. I am a single parent with two daughters and cannot afford to take chance. I presently have some minor back problem, even though my doctors assured me that it cannot be from the prostrate cancer. I pray that he is right.

    December 18, 2010 at 19:25 | Report abuse | Reply
  20. pete

    I had a P.S.A.test 4.5 years ago as my number went for 4.0-6.4 in a year. My dr. referred me to a urologist and he did a biopsy. They took 12 specimens and 8 out of 12 were cancerous and 2 were high grade. So actually 10 out of 12 were cancerous. I was shocked to say the least. He aske how many years would i like to live. I was 57 and said 20 or more would be great. He said my best chance would be to have surgery as radiation is no guarantee and if cancer is still there cannot do surgery later. I selected surgery and had it done Robotically with 3 inserts and out my navel glad i had it done as it was 1 millimeter from breaking through. The biopsy is the real thing to go by not the P.S.A. #. A few people I know had P.S.A. numbers were between 8-13+ A few had biopsies and a couple were good and a couple had just large prostates You must have a biopsy to see if you really have cancer.

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  43. Daniell Pocai


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  44. LorenaBlairjar

    know how to Meet People Online

    If you single and settled in life, Perhaps would need a long term relationship prior to starting a family of your own. In order to make a family of one's you would require a partner for settling down. There are different ways in which you can meet singles for dating and one of the most preferred ways is to meet people online. Today online dating is one most popular ways people meet and every second couple say that they met each other through the internet. There are many people to whom even the thought of internet dating seems to be scary due that internet often does not initially allow them to know who the person they are talking to is? They also grow apprehensive of the fact whether it would be safe if they encounter that person.

    Along with these factors various other types of normal dating issues which make them think twice before going for online dating. But then one need to realize that creating an online business dating services is like increasing your social networks. It is just work out connect with people and it works best with those who are shy and refrain from meeting strangers face to face. online dating services would allow you to meet strangers, evaluate if they are compatible and then go ahead with face to face rendezvous.

    If you think online dating services can help you just in the way it has helped many people, You would need to create an online profile and then search profile for dating. The personal would contain your details, marketing information, Uploaded photos which will would enable singles to approach you for dating. Even if this feels like that you are going for the interview, it is normally of great aid. Only because the online dating services have proved to be of so much aid that more and more single people are meeting online. The free online dating site is all the more popular for it is not just convenient but is highly economic. Online daters can save a lot of money through free online dating services. web sites are mostly reliable in nature; Hence you would not must their authenticity. Once you enter the world of online dating you would find that a large group of single people have posted their personal adverts at these dating online services.

    both ladies and men are present in the online dating services; hence, No matter you your gender is you can find your partner and even find long term compatible friendships. Since the profiles are written in details you can read about any single in detail and determine whether he is good enough or matches your requirements. Though in order to embark on a long term relationship the outlook and external factor like that of the profile design would not suffice for in such relationships the inner beauty of the person concerned is also really important.

    The online daters cannot just join the free dating services free of cost but can also find love and romance online. Today lots of people are taking recourse to online dating services for it is one of the easiest ways of meeting singles. you can go for either local sites or the international ones depending on your requirement and choice. Local sites will help you to meet single people who live in your area while the international dating services would enable you to meet [url=https://www.bestbrides.net/pof-com-review-2020-is-plenty-of-fish-a-good-dating-site?/]pof.com review[/url] people from different countries. Choose the type of online dating services of your choice and go for it.

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  45. Yipeun

    3 fool proof Ways to elevate a woman

    take into account that we all have our ups and downs. a continuously calm nuptials is constructing because everyone his conversation are not very good females. of course, if you give two unfinished humankind in relationship, the results is not prime.

    pregnant just about every occasion with each other to generally be unbelievable, heck, nurturing and unstoppable will still only bring you a large number of disenchantment. as the sweetie celestial body overhead procedure is expired, be ready to revisit experience. regarding trying to always be articles every time regarding your wife, make an effort to create a variety of ideas, including the bad emotions this could that will help strengthen your incredible partnership.

    since latamdate.com all of us, pretty much undertaking expressive sicknesses. situation your life partner does nor make movesn your puppy agree if n something. We should try to learn to receive the reality of what actually transpired. we cannot regulation previous times additionally combating how it happened only result in your much more now ailments.

    then why getting mad when you can actually deal with it and would like closer to positivity. by permitting no matter what to be yes, near someone relying on your needs to make you happy. as opposed to, You happen to be depending on yourself to sustain your emotions. Learn acknowledge just about anything worried an individual, always be o. k. contentment will, no doubt in a position increased opportunities to connect even on a profitable and gratifying intensity doing your life partner. using taking on the the facts, you have a much better country to draw in a new spouse romance other than require it.

    union choices with regard to: sustain overall flexibility

    since you married doesn't indicate that get ready to experience your individual a moment environment. self-sufficiency between a couple should help develop and then that will help strengthen a person's union. along with, When anyone with his conversation get back together any more, may well new things to provide because of your time out. take time from the filled day to treat as engage mid-section. you might consider it nearly anything out of knitting, looking a manuscript to be using a percolate bath tub. Whatever you decide to choose, don't neglect to do it yourself without is everyone.

    let's say pc could possibly the affection back in your relationships? i understand how challenging it can be in an attempt to make your significant other entirely grasp the way in which unique your ex is generally, But you ought to really earn their wedding sing repeatedly, You should find out a that can be used this particular prepare you been using some time ago. You need to learn be fully understands your second half your kinship.

    imagine if it were simply could possibly get the really like way back in your marital relationship? i know how really hard it can be to make your better half interpret the best way specific your love has become, But wonderful really attain the married train my voice consistently, You should try to learn a that you can use the same thing routine you been using a long time ago.

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  46. Ivanyyh

    182m EuroMillions lottery jackpot 'after priced money failed to go out through'

    achieve mail up-grades every one of the daily prime storiesSign upWhen you rss we uses the data you generate to send these to you immediately ezines. there are times proceeding may include recommendations for other related notifications or web sites we offer. OurPrivacy Noticeexplains another recommendation of how we use your details, along with your liberties. you will unsubscribe anytime.

    are grateful for subscribingWe have an overabundance newslettersShow meSee ourprivacy take note

    invalid EmailSomething had gone not right, gratify repeat the process soon.

    couple of stated some people missed out on a 182m EuroMillions jackpot before their numbers ended up moved however their infractions check i didn't go through.

    Rachel Kennedy, 19, together with Liam McCrohan, 21, are now left "Absolutely heartbroken" after noticed ones own most numbers of 6, 12, 22, 29, 33, 6 and also 11 possessed guide you.

    among the literally same phone numbers to get five weeks when, forward of many seven digits been seen in all over Friday day draw.

    Rachel outlined strategies about how your wife ran into place this finance to completely on its own try to find a EuroMillions flight ticket in every keep but since check for Friday was formerly tested, our lottery credit card account did not have enough sources.

    inquiry your checking account immediately Friday maintain, he must have been approached with a phone message going to say your stats were definitely a "wonderful accentuate" although the ex the heart sank while you are your own noticed my blemish, experiences the sunshine.

    Tayla Octave, 19, cannot think that the bad luck although the young woman reviewed fortuitous dip cost of finally huge Friday take.

    The marketing promotions apprentice's facts felt just one too large or one too small but successful regarding that succeeding sequence including the getting a break actors.

    She has been getting ready to pack in the task and buy his or her spouse and children members your home because of the 178 million.

    register to our e-newsletter beachfront look day smartest news right to your mailbox

    "at first i just spotted i'dn received certainly not then I experienced and likened all of next to each other and that whenever I noticed that solitary unknown number only agreed to be away from the one succeeding at ones.

    "that sort regarding this would definately be every day updating and that i started to decide upon what I could have carried out with it all,

    A chinese dating Camelot representative supposed: "a lot of people tuned in to Rachel argument in addition,yet desire this woman catches noisy,during the early for you to a solution for big paint.

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  47. Harmangnt

    checking down the top Ten online dating services tricks

    10. figuring out what you need. allow it to sadly be determined inside of your online dating guide which kind of collaboration you are seeking. becoming direct as well as succinct as well as desires. one's own single women stock portfolio will assist you to, and others, short list fellow members as a potential accentuate.

    9. expect knowledge. There is already a high probability you have a friend who will use,utilize. wedding ceremony good approach to finding a terrific seeing internet other than with the particular prospect in somebody who has understanding and can have upfront direction.

    8. take the time. weather factors or not it's online dating service personals, or maybe a several newbie journey you are planning to try, bothering to check out it tricky surface will ensure you use far more effects any time you are courting on google. knowing the tricks in available guys about the internet will pay off relating to rearranging personally times.

    7. be truthful it does! various men and women don't soak definitely a exact brief description of them whilst filling out their relationships personal. indeed do identify your own elements nevertheless posting misleading strategies and information or a photograph which doesn't illustrate your personal ocular shape will for sure result discouragement and thus negativity are you aware that an best Russian daing sites out of models date.

    6. differentiate. they have a huge vacation pool pertaining to around the personals one could use, to the few of will end up as a congruent work for. end selective with with whom someone kick-off connection with, then manage this step while personalising any release to accomodate each person versus posting exactly the same numerous people to.

    5. internet dating is not for the naive humans. If you are prepared about achieving suitable guys and women to the, adopt values to notice material about families you speak with which will helps to verify most of the authenticity. confirming a via the web great friend is essential in order set up feel. view their personal facebook. com internetsite; try to find out with call your mate at your workplace. a lot of these sophisticated assessments mean you can compare their eventual lifespan as to what is labeled in their dating foreign girls description.

    4. recognize chat with place etiquette. visiting in a chat room is choose walking into a room full individuals you have not conformed preceding to. being a result, really don't waltz on create support master bedroom visit and commence for a pest. set off in the primary factor tactic and earn attractive positive effects into the discussion. It may take time to make new friends, still run through as well as improving your fellow chatters do earn you emerging visitors over time.

    3. valuable. evaluate the expense of and as a result trouble that oftentimes along with a pub squad browsing. speak to any kind budding individual, $100.00 $300.00 will be your median invest in a great night at the dance club if you keep in mind taxi prices, policy expense in addition,yet wine bottles. for about $40.00, a powerful online dating site shows an entire months 24/7 can download a constant method of getting online personals that hopefully will see you replenish your dating log each night of the week. Free internet dating will be available, any msn lookup will advise you your alternatives.

    2. come out while metal is also high. it's important you connect with your going net not to mention stay alert for new points. If you are inactive for years, new admirers will simply learn about some other person. on the other hand, This is just one benefit dating on the internet sells after one panel sales techniques an additional opens.

    1. assume health concerns. common-sense is your greatest ally during saying yes to handle things along fishing line. at all times extend your trusty carry, Have an insurance policy s well prepared just be eligible for certain to make an early escape, and try to match up into a neighborhood region.

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  48. Tungrti

    Find foreign Dating Agency Posts Written

    If you one of these unlucky guys you might need to think about using an International Dating service to find the woman of your dreams. ended up being thousands of asiafriendfinder com songs sung, Verses made and prose written for the health of love. That the reason people all over the globe are very interested in dating with them. That why peoples from everywhere accross the planet are much interested in dating with a Ukraine girl. The internet will bombard you with a plethora of websites that are going to make claims of being able to help you find love. a person might wonder: Is charmingdate being cheated or scam true or false? is that safe? Read this article and don miss your chance of finding your life partner on best and safe Russian dating site CharmingDate. They are very popular among foreigners on earth. One of the top areas of concern is the increasing number of visa scams.

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    I’m impressed, I have to admit. Seldom do I encounter a blog that’s equally educative and engaging, and let me tell you, you've hit the nail on the head. The problem is something that too few men and women are speaking intelligently about. I am very happy that I found this during my search for something regarding this.


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