August 3rd, 2010
06:14 PM ET

Change your thinking to kick that cigarette habit

Imagine how tantalizing, how powerful the craving for a cigarette is. Then imagine you could stem that craving by merely changing the way you think. A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests that merely thinking differently could help control cravings.

"Most people think that the reason smokers use substances is because of a lack of self-control," said Kevin Ochsner, associate professor of psychology at Columbia University. "We show they don't lack it, the problem they have is they may not know what strategy to use."

Let's face it, our brains are wired for short-term rewards, whether it is the first drag on a cigarette or the first bite of a hot stack of pancakes. According to study authors, the strategy to curb those cravings is almost deceptively simple: re-wiring the brain to think long-term.

Ochsner and colleagues gave brain scans to 21 people who reported regularly smoking. They posed two scenarios. In one, they measured what happened in the brain after asking smokers to think about the immediate rewards of smoking, for example the first drag on a cigarette, how the smoke would feel entering the lungs, or the sensation of smoke curling out of the mouth. In the second scenario smokers were asked to imagine the long-term consequences of smoking - health problems associated with it - such as emphysema or heart disease.

By way of comparison, the same was done with food. Study respondents were shown photos of delectable, fatty foods and asked to think about the short-term rewards (how great the food would taste), and the long-term consequences (obesity, diabetes, heart disease) while their brain activity was measured.

Turns out, something as simple as focusing on the long-term consequences of smoking (or eating fatty foods) could control the craving.

"This gives us a biological explanation for how cognitive regulation of craving works," said Hedy Kober, PhD, assistant professor of psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine and the study's lead author. "By changing the way they think about cigarettes in moments of craving, by focusing on the negative long-term consequences, [smokers] can reduce craving and change their own brain activity."

Two areas of the brain are at work when we crave things - the prefrontal cortex and the ventral striatum. The prefrontal cortex is an area associated with reasoning and the ventral striatum is associated with emotion, desire, and craving. Among study participants, successfully curbing cravings involved activating the reasoning part of the brain more than the craving-driven region.

Except re-wiring the brain, re-shaping how one thinks about craving, is far from simple - it is a long process. And then there are important questions about the biological underpinnings of addiction. Still, study authors say that thinking differently is powerful therapy.

"It takes a sustained, continuous effort," said Ochsner. "It is teaching you a new kind of emotional response instead of just going reflexively. It's slow and painful but we absolutely have the potential to do it."

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  1. JMAN

    Edit.. guess my post got noticed pretty fast, title got edited in the past minute or so.

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  2. Kris

    I chose not to smoke but I also choose to enjoy my e-cigarette. I am no longer creating second-hand smoke nor am I putting 4000+ carcinogens in my body 30 times a day. The e-cig has been a miracle to me and thousands of others.

    Some people simply enjoy the act of smoking. If one can still have that pleasure and improve ones health at the same time why would anyone have anything negative to say about it. I don't get it.

    August 5, 2010 at 09:47 | Report abuse | Reply
  3. RGbrainstorm

    I smoked heavily for 15 years (half my life). I tried quitting a few times on my own, but failed. As soon as a major stressor emerged, I'd go back to my old security blanket–a cigarette. Then I realized that I can't do it alone, and that I have to place it at God's feet. My cravings haven't gone away, but through prayer and God's grace I have been able to endure each one. I still crave them every day, but the cravings are now a blessing rather than a curse, because they remind me to rely on God, and that he's always by my side. He's always by yours as well. This month is my one-year anniversary of quitting. PTL!

    August 5, 2010 at 13:41 | Report abuse | Reply
  4. David

    I smoked between 1 and 2 packs a day for 22 years and quit 5 years ago at the age of 38. I am 43 now and have turned my life around. Unfortunately, I gained 30 pounds from quitting (cold turkey) and it took a few years to loose the weight but finally I did and I am extremely healthy. The only problem is I still get occasional cravings and have dreams I am smoking once in awhile and get the urge. To be honest, I wish I never started (lame, I know) - but honestly, if i could have a cigarette right now, I would. What stops me is that if I even take ONE drag, I would never stop again for the rest of my life.... the pain of going cold turkey for me was horrible - they say it is 72 hours of withdrawal but for me it was at least 2 weeks before i could stop shaking - i left like a heroin addict on withdrawal - it was at least six months before i left somewhat safe from a relapse and after 2 years, i was in good shape. The problem now is that after 5 years of being smoke free, i am getting craving again for a cigarette. of course, will not have one but it is shocking that after all this time, i would still feel like smoking. Can anyone provide tips who has quit for 5 years or more about whether it gets easier... thanks!

    August 22, 2010 at 05:31 | Report abuse | Reply
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