April 5th, 2010
05:40 PM ET

OxyContin reformulation OK'd

By Matt Sloane
CNN Medical News Producer

A popular painkiller, known for its high abuse potential – OxyContin – is being reformulated, the Food and Drug Administration said Monday.

According to the release, the drug in its current form is designed to release small quantities of the active ingredients over an extended period of time, but abusers have found ways to circumvent the drug’s time-release properties and ingest large quantities all at once.

The new formulation, approved today by the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and research – would “prevent the opioid medication from being cut, broken, chewed, crushed or dissolved to release more medication.”

Experts saythat while this reformulation may reduce the risk of abuse by injection or snorting, addicts abusing the drug by mouth may be able to achieve similar highs by taking more of the drug.

“Although this new formulation of OxyContin may provide only an incremental advantage over the current version of the drug, it is still a step in the right direction,” said Bob Rappaport, M.D., director of the Division of Anesthesia and Analgesia Products in the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research in the agency’s press release.

According to the release, and data from the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, approximately half a million people abused OxyContin for the first time in 2008 alone.

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  1. terry

    I'm all for making thi ngs harder for abusers. I have been using oxycontin for a number of years that are prescribed to me by a md. They are not stupid and it is VERY difficult for me to get an increase when my tolerance increases. Last week I received the "new" formula OP oxycontin. I do no – repeat I DO NOT take mu meds in any other way than how prescribed. That means orally every 8hrs period. I have instantly noticed that since using the abuse resistant version I am having SEVERE headaches,stomach pain,dryness of mouth and severe fatigue I also notice that they take about 2 to 21/2 hrs to start working. I have a noticeable increase in pain (thet never took all the pain away anyhow) more so than ever and they don't seem to last as long. That said I fear the rumors of long term health problems from these new ingredients. Abuse is a huge problem. Curtailing these pain clinic farms down in florida would help but I a. Convinced that Education,Perantal supervision and watchfulness would and will prevent a lot of or children and young adult od and death. How many times do I read about some teenagers death from oxycontin abuse and all those closest to him were aware of it all along!abusers will abuse addicts will find a way or use other drugs but don't punish those who need and use properly because of them. I tried many kinds of pain meds and they didn't work very well or I was allergic

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  2. terry

    I'm all for making thi ngs harder for abusers. I have been using oxycontin for a number of years that are prescribed to me by a md. They are not stupid and it is VERY difficult for me to get an increase when my tolerance increases. Last week I received the "new" formula OP oxycontin. I do no – repeat I DO NOT take mu meds in any other way than how prescribed. That means orally every 8hrs period. I have instantly noticed that since using the abuse resistant version I am having SEVERE headaches,stomach pain,dryness of mouth and severe fatigue I also notice that they take about 2 to 21/2 hrs to start working. I have a noticeable increase in pain (thet never took all the pain away anyhow) more so than ever and they don't seem to last as long. That said I fear the rumors of long term health problems from these new ingredients. Abuse is a huge problem. Curtailing these pain clinic farms down in florida would help but I a. Convinced that Education,Perantal supervision and watchfulness would and will prevent a lot of or children and young adult od and death. How many times do I read about some teenagers death from oxycontin abuse and all those closest to him were aware of it all along!abusers will abuse addicts will find a way or use other drugs but don't punish those who need and use properly because of them. I tried many kinds of pain meds and they didn't work very well or I was allergic before getting to here. They don't take ALL my pain away nor do I get any kind of "buzz on"from them but they do help and have given me back some quality of life! Now in unsure what will happen. You don't kill your dog because your mad at your cat! You don't punish legitimate users because of those who don't won't or can't follow the rules.will this change help? Or will the asses who abuse just move on to other things? Common sense will answer that one.I'm sure someone will abuse me for this but its the truth I speak. It also seems funny to me that Pursues patent was going to run out soon allowing other companys to make a less expensive generic version and ALL of a sudden blammo they reformulate and have a new patent to go by for next several years! Anyone else seem to find that uncanny?they don't care about abusers or legitimate patients jist profits. Any as a final note I've been watching the papers lately to see if there has been an increase in Heroin use lately. Probably to soon but what you wanna bet.

    September 20, 2010 at 12:36 | Report abuse | Reply
    • mikeez2011

      I am disabled …53 years old: Medical Marijuana I am fanatical about meds and side effects.I do my best to take care of my health! degenerating discs in both my neck and back ! many ADHD problemsa significant amount of stress and anxiety ! schizophrenia chronic pain and fatigue, and depression all caused from years of working hard, and many auto accident and MS on top. Medical Marijuana the benifits are amazing! The ease of pain, and relaxed mood is unspeakable ! what up in SC ? I love USA Marijuana is a beauiful thing !!!

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  3. terry

    One more thing, you talk about abuse and addicts and how Purdue Pharma knew this was so addictive blah blah blah! Seems everyone wants to blame everyone or anyone else for there poor choices.every time I turn around someone claims its not my fault so and so really made me do it. What a load of crap.how about teaching your kids personal responsability. When ypu make poor choices like abusing drugs or misusing your medications then don't cry and blame others when you have problems or die.AGAIN, education,parental supervision and careful watchfulness will help avoid a lot of these od's and deaths! As a side note I've also noticed that generally (not always so relax) it seems that the genuine CCP's are averaging 35 and up and the abusers and addicts 30 and under.hmmm. THE LONG TERM EFFECTS OF THIS NEW FORMULA OF OXYCONTIN I FEAR WILL BE DIRE FOR ALL OF US WHO NEED IT! And the addicts will have moved on to other drugs leaving us legit users double screwed.Why the FDA allowed this reform to be erased after only 2yrs study instead of the accepted 5 to 7 yrs reflects the hysteria of those who want to blame someone or anyone and is only going to create a whole new set of problems for those who obviously have enough problems to begin with. Also the lack of compassion and basic humanity I've seen on some of these post is most disturbing. I never asked for or chose to have chronic pain and I hope these fools never have to learn the hard way what its truly like to live like that. Hopefully we can find a better way to handle this without the bias and hysterics and save our children without hurting those of us living with pain.

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  4. hanna

    I am so sick from hearing those who refuse to listen to the concern's of patient's in pain..severe pain and judge them if they must take narcotic pain killer's just to get out of bed and function in the morning. I am more than a little weary of presumption from Dr's when a patient goes into for complaint of pain and be treated like a drug seeker. Have been told by Dr's to suck it up..there are other's
    in more pain than you..pain build's character etc. Ongoing unrelieved pain is like a drip of water against a rock..it wear's away the rock and the man /women over period of time. And frankly i don't beleive oxycontin is the most abused drug on the market..i beleive it's over the counter med's..tylenol and other non precription med's. Where is this hysteria coming from over oxycontin? It's insane.One patient on the new formula oxycontin has calculated she is ingesting 2300 teas. of rubber along with the oxycodone.BHT also is known to cause vomiting..nausea..stomach pain..

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  5. hanna

    Anyway..Purdue is treating the drug addict not the patient taking his oxycontin as directed. The new oxycontin has a delivery system that is half the strength of former oxycontin. So if one is taking 20 mg. only 18 % is released versus 29% per hour. What will happen is everyone will go into withdrawal's. When one already is ill and sick..this is all they need. And for the ederly who have high blood pressure issues ..when they go into withdrawal..they will be dying from strokes and heart attacks due to blood pressure going through the roof.

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  6. Eric

    I'm a patient with seven degenerated and protruding discs and have been told that I have no good surgical options. I was not able to hold a job or perform normal household chores for a long time. My family doctor gave me lortab at first and thru the course of two years went from 5's to 10's. With worries about what it was doing to my liver he switched my to the 10mg oxycontin. This changed my life. I could function again. I went back to work. I was normal again. After 2 1/2 years I was increased to the 20mg. I have been on them for almost two years now. I have always taken my meds exactly as prescribed. Let me say that I suffered without treatment for years because doctors were either afraid to prescribe due to intimidation from our government (DEA) or some treated me horrible. Treated me like a criminal or like I just wanted drugs. After finding a good doctor that has experience with the spine and pain management all that changed, but what I went thru is inexcusable. No one should be treated like this or have to live in pain to help law enforcement do their job. A lot more people drink and drive and kill people in drunk driving accidents every month than the number of legally prescribed recipients of oxycontin that abuse their meds in a year. Most abusers by far are buying them illegally on the street. And contrary to what the government and media wish you to believe, a vast majority of the drug bought and sold on the street is coming from mexico, not from patients and doctors here. From Mexico just like the herion, the cocaine and the criminals that bring it in and plague out cities with their gangs. Now under pressure from the FDA and the DEA, Purdue has changed the formula of the medication. I found out the hard way. I picked up my monthly refill last month and asked the pharmacy if they gave me a generic because the pills were thicker and the lettering was different. They told me it was the same as always but the company(purdue) changed them to prevent abuse. That's all fine and good, but after taking the as instructed like always the first thing I noticed is that they take TWICE as long to start working. Instead of 30-45 mins it took almost 2 hours to reach peak pain relief. That's not the worst part. Worst part us they are FAR less potent than the originals. I have always taken 1 at 7am & 1 at 7pm even though as any patient will tell you, oxycontin has never been effective for 12hrs but more like 6-8. Even with that said I usually have to take only one or two a day of my break thru meds (lortab 10/500). Now with the new formula, I'm taking one of the lortabs with the oxycontin at both intervals and three or four in between doses. I believe the new formula is passing through my intestinal tract before it has a chance to release the full dose, as there are large white clumps that I'm guessing are the undigested remains of the oxcontins in my stool. I hope I can talk to my doctor and do something to either change medication completely or increase the dosage to compensate for the reduced potency. I'm worried about how the new binder is going to affect my body. Specifically my intestinal area. I think Purdue knows they are far less effective. Think about it. With less pressure from the risk of abuse, the more doctors that will be willing to prescribe it. And the reduced effectiveness will require either more pills per day, or higher strengths, both of which will cost people like me significantly more money for a medication that is already VERY expensive.

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  7. Eric

    Also I forgot to add this: more people drink and drive than come anywhere close to the small fraction of idiots that abuse opiates and make it harder for people like me, but you don't see the DEA and FDA pushing to take away our cars and tell everyone they can't drive because by allowing people to drive opens up the possibility that someone might drive drunk. This is the mentality of our government and from what I see on a lot of these posts, the same thinking from a lot of you. Would you be willing to give up your car keys and drivers license to attempt to stop other people from being able to drink and drive? I wouldn't because it makes no sense. I not willing to follow that stupid line of thought no more than I'm willing to give up my right to live a normal and productive life in a futile attempt to stop a few stupid people from trying to get high! You people don't get it do you. If someone wants to get high, your never going to stop them. They will find a way. They will sniff gasoline or glue or paint. You want to outlaw those items also? For a country that's supposed to be free and based on personal freedoms, seems out answer to everything is to pass a law against it. Laws against stuff rarely work because criminals don't obey the law. Laws restricting things only hurt the law abiding citizens that need access. Wake up people

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  8. terrie s

    alot of people will hate me for this but even more will love me i found a way to bring oc back to its original form microwave for 1 min flip cook another 30 sec use the ped egg foot shaver shave to a fine powder cook this another 45 sec u will see the gel leave a ring around and seperating from the oc then its good for however u want to do it i hope this helps alot of people but of course i still take mine orally

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  9. terrie s

    i almost forgot u need to put a small amount of water probably best in a coffee mug in the micro during the first phase of cooking so u dont damage the microwave make sure to take it out during the last phase of cooking after it is shaved

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  10. terrie s

    i put my story on here explaining about my legitimate and delibitating back problems i also talked about crooked drs that use drugs themselves and then do procedures using very long needles my dr actually sprayed her hand with the numbing anticeptic and i felt the six inch needle going into my back why was my story taken off of here was it to protect the dr or was i giving drs in this field a bad name after all it is these drs that are pushing purdues drugs.

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  11. Tasha

    The New Oxycontin STINK,I have been on them for awhile for my chronic pain & these New ones are NOT helping my Pain but have sure made me SO Sick I've been bedridden for weeks now thinking I had a stomach bug until I spoke to a friend & they asked if I was taking the New ones & I didn't know they made new ones but I had them & I'm Angry a 1 Mon Rx cost Over $1,000.00 & I Refuse to pay anymore for a med that's going to make Me Sick & it's not doing much for the pain,why should I pay because some ppl abuse them & believe me if ppl want to get high they will find other way's I doubt messing -w- My Meds is going to stop them,if I owned Purdue Stock I'd SELL,SELL,SELL,I bet they will plummet soon,I can't wait till my next Dr's apt & get out of this PAIN & OUT of bed,I'd be more than Happy to THROW OUT the crap that's making me so ill.

    October 29, 2010 at 03:42 | Report abuse | Reply
  12. Steven

    Just follow the money. It's as simple as that. Purdue Pharma "Reformulates" Oxycontin and in doing so, extends their patent. That equals a "Monopoly" for Purdue Pharma.
    Next, most insurance companies do not cover Brand-name drugs (especially drugs surrounded by so much controversy), and "co-pays" skyrocket.
    Once again, Pharmaceutical companies and Insurance companies come away with ridiculous profits.
    Does anyone really think this is about "Public Safety"? Seriously?? If so, then why is alcohol legal?!?! Nicotine?!?!?
    And please don't get me started on the supposed "War on Drugs". C'mon people! Wake up!

    November 26, 2010 at 00:21 | Report abuse | Reply
  13. mikeez2011

    Here I am. I am not the perfect package! I am
    real 100% and very grateful for every little scar. Those little things are the
    stories of our lives and are part of who we are and where we have been

    June 8, 2011 at 19:43 | Report abuse | Reply
  14. Henry Massingale

    I am sorry this new formula, its to late, and to many have died, according to the last release by the FDA 100,000 people died in the USA, what time period is not know but in 2007 27,000 Americans died because of OXY.
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  15. mrMattymatt85

    well looking into all of your blogs. im 26 almost 27 ive been on oxycontin 60 mgs 3x's a day and 15mg oxy irs every 4 hrs for bp the new formulation works fine for me i guess its just because ive been on it so long well goodluck everyone the oc one's will b back shortly prob by 1/1/12

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  16. hellary

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  17. Lane Ramsier

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  21. Tanoog

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