March 12th, 2010
05:12 PM ET

FDA issues new warning for Plavix

By Saundra Young
CNN Medical Senior Producer

A new boxed warning has been added to the anti-blood clotting drug Plavix by the Food and Drug Administration, who says the medication doesn't work well in people who have difficulty metabolizing the drug.

Plavix is used by patients with heart disease to help decrease risk of heart attack, stroke and death. It works on platelets–special blood cells that help blood clot to stop bleeding–by preventing blood clots from forming.

Plavix needs to be activated by the liver enzyme, CYP2C19. Patients that have reduced liver enzyme function can't activate the drug making it less effective for them. They're called "poor metabolizers" and this puts them at greater risk of heart attack, stroke and death.

"We want to highlight this warning to make sure health care professionals use the best information possible to treat their patients," said Mary Ross Southworth, a clinical analyst in the Division of Cardiovascular and Renal Products in the FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research.

The Agency says there are tests available to evaluate CYP2C19 and determine if you are a "poor metabolizer." They say patients should talk to their doctors to determine if they should stop taking the drug.

Last November the FDA issued a warning about using Plavix in conjunction with over the counter stomach acid reducer Prilosec and Prilosec OTC when new data found that taking the two together reducedPlavix's anti-clotting effect by about half. .

Plavix is available only by prescription. It's made by Bristol-Myer Squibb and Sanofi Aventis, who issued the following statement "The revisions to the prescribing information for Plavix reflect the companies' ongoing research in collaboration with the FDA, which better defines the patient population that may be affected by a genetic variation in CYP2C19 and alternate treatment strategies."

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    Alex Simons – Было, Но Прошло
    Пульсы – Butterfly
    Unlike pluto – cloudy eyes
    Qodir Mirashurov – Gir Aylanib
    D-soul x Джиос – #доутра
    Zarina tilidze – Не сбылось
    Christina aguilera – haunted heart
    Azamat Sharipov – O'rgilay (UzHits.Net)
    Kunteynir – Cocaine (feat. DEEMARS)
    Сергей Трофимов – Интернет
    Ponomariov86 feat. Maiyer & Эмпальдо – Мадам Тюссо
    Afro b & french montana – joanna (drogba) (remix)
    Зомб feat. Ко4а – На Бали
    DJ Зая – Самый Лучший Новый Год
    Googoosha – Dignare
    Saga – Вокруг только этот алый дым
    Foushee – deep end fousheé slowed
    SIKRET x Джиос – Дурею (8D AUDIO)
    Aziza Nizamova – 1,2,3
    Xurshid Rasulov – Mehmon bo'lgan muhabbat
    Rafal – Ночной Полёт
    Вероника Агапова – Солнышко
    КАПА – Ребята с нашего двора
    Manzura – Muhabbat
    San Holo – Lead Me Back
    Allender – Не Для Меня (radio version)
    Илья Карнот, Кипас – Авиарежим
    Zwuaga & Maisa ft. Katawa Remix – Не своди меня с ума
    Н3Д – Катана
    Звонкий, Леван Горозия – Мегаполис
    Skeemans – Він Є
    Post Malone – Big Lie (Original Version) (Feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
    Elman – Лети (Adam Maniac SLOW remix)
    Sobir Primov – Tashnaman
    Ravshan Namozov – Parvona
    ДепреССивнЫй – Мне НУжен Грамм
    УГАДАЙКТО – BlockchaiN
    Hann – Письмо
    Вика Куприна – Цветы
    Yasiris feat. Hyenas – Dame
    Abdulaziz Karim (ASR) – Ne Kunlar
    Ваня Чебанов – Всё Хорошо!
    IZ*ONE (아이즈원) – 해바라기
    Gangsburg – Закат
    Abzal husanov – bu hayot
    Muttonheads feat. eden martin – forget you
    Snoop Dogg – Make America Crip Again
    N.E.R.D & Kendrick Lamar – Don't Don't Do It!
    Micar – it's only love (mr. da-nos remix)
    Ханна – Не Теряй
    Смоки Мо – Лирический дилер
    Павло Табаков – Я Для Тебе
    Jah Khalib – Песня О Тебе
    Bad Boy ft SubXan ft Shaxnoza – Kontrakt (Official music)
    Elvana gjata – me tana
    Qobil Ibrohimov – Ey Yor

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